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I don't like the new spell icons, how do I turn them off? sct_event_can be still be used for custom events (READ THE FILE), but in game option menu fully supports custom events now. - There is an option to turn them off under the spell tab. Some say D-Mannose has practically no side effects and it is safe to take it indefinitely. In this post I’m sharing my personal experience and feedback from readers who tried D-Mannose supplement.If you are experiencing problems with one brand, try another one to see if it works better for you (see my review of Top Five D-Mannose brands, 2017 that are worth spending your money on). “I wish I had something bigger and more meaningful to say.” We don’t, so thanks for keeping it short. Both men wear ACLU ribbons, and get slightly political with their speeches. Kimmel is participating in the celebrity “inspiration” videos, talking about how his nemesis Matt Damon has inspired him. First up is Charlize Theron talking about Shirley Mac Laine. This may be the only award the brainy sci-fi movie wins all night. J., you get an extra slice of bologna on your sandwich tonight.” P. — Kimmel gets in a shot at Ben Carson by calling Dr. Gives a special shout-out to Meryl Streep, who gets a standing ovation from the Oscars audience: “Nice dress. Yeah, looks like Lin-Manuel Miranda (Best Original Song nominee) is wearing one too. Looks like Affleck got his Trump-bashing out of the way last night, though, because this acceptance speech is short and sweet. — Sara Bareilles performs along with the “In Memoriam” segment. Shouts out Damien Chazelle, who he calls a “poetic genius.” P. — Javier Bardem talks about how much Meryl Streep has inspired him in a pre-taped segment. With left in the third, Clippers: 68, Hornets: 53. Introduces a segment in which current stars talk about the stars of the past that inspired them. “We’re the only profession to celebrate what it means to live a life.” Video of Davis’ speech: . — Kimmel roasts Trump again by introducing Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs, “a president who believes in both arts and sciences.” Boone Isaacs praises the Academy and the nominees’ increasing diversity in a brief speech. Edelman dedicates his award to “victims of police violence, police brutality, racially-motivated violence and criminal injustice.” Kimmel: “O. ” The host also roasts the stars by saying (rightly) that no one came out to see their films. There will be undoubtedly be plenty more of these tonight; Casey Affleck also rocked one on his lapel during the Independent Spirit Awards last night. — Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway appear together on stage to present Best Picture.

SCT will turn them on if you turn on the option, but you must manually turn them off if you don't like it (see Target keybindings). Fix some options not updating when copying or loading a profile. 6.01 - Added item buffs to buff events and fade events.

Firefox for Android doesn’t have a built-in pop-up blocker like Chrome, but what it does have is support for add-ons, which means you can get the excellent u Block Origin.

You can find it here, and the great thing is that it has plenty of options for customization, letting you create your own rules, blacklists, whitelists, and so on for various sites.

Director Damien Chazelle and leads Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are all hoping for big nights in their respective categories, though Gosling faces stiff competition from Denzel Washington ( — is set as a presenter, so there is a decent possibility of a Golden Globes-style encore, but it could really come from all angles tonight.

Look out for Kimmel to zing Trump in his opening monologue.

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