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For years, international sports organizations have been policing women for “masculine” qualities — and turning their Olympic dreams into nightmares.

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Police arrested a 25-year-old man over that attack in which the young girl suffered severe internal injuries and had apparently been slashed with a sharp object.

“Some women may be experiencing pressures to have sons and not daughters.” “Unless we do something, nothing will change,” he added.

“The only way to change this is to intervene.” “We found in a previous study that among Indian immigrant women who already had two daughters, and who underwent an abortion after 14 weeks of gestation when the sex of the fetus can be known, the sex ratio at the third birth was 663 boys for every 100 girls,” Urquia said. 3.) That astonishing 663 to 100 ratio “cannot be explained by natural causes,” he added.

Published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada (JOGC) on Monday, this study follows up on those findings but narrows the focus to immigrant sub-groups based on language.

“The language reflects more the sharing of certain meanings, and communication, and a community,” Urquia said.

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